We are pleased to announce that in the latest issue of the journal “Studia Prawa Prywatnego” (2/2020) an article of our partner prof. Adam Brzozowski entitled ” Impact of Change in Circumstances on Obligations during the Pandemic Era – on the Need for Extraordinary Measures” was published.


The Professor, having noticed that the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) constitutes a very difficult experience for entrepreneurs, analyzes existing legal regulations regarding the impact of change in circumstances on the performance of obligations. There is no doubt that in these unusual circumstances it is extremely important to find legal solutions that minimize the negative consequences of the crisis. One of them is art. 3571 of the Polish Civil Code, which enables achieving adaptive effects. However, application of this provision is associated with fairly long and complicated court proceedings. To avoid this, international practice clauses hardship and force majeure, which are also discussed in the article, can be helpful.


The publication is also available in the Legalis Legal Information System and at (paid access):